PHP Address Book Importer Demo:
The onsite demo might not work at times (or it might be slower) due to network problems at my current hosting (I know... I need to be looking for new hosting...).

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A note on Live Mail (the new MSN/Hotmail interface): I have added support for Live Mail for Hotmail and MSN accounts. The current scripts works with both Live Mail and non-Live Mail Hotmail and MSN accounts.

Use the links on the form below to switch between Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN or AOL contacts/address book importer scripts.
That simply denotes the domains (i.e @{yahoo|gmail|hotmail|msn|aim|aol}.com), it does not need to be dot com as there are other extentions like but if you have a different domain in your username that will not work.
****NONE of the scripts use any of the corresponding messengers to import contacts. Addresses are imported through the web interface of the websites - so what you can get through the web address book interface of the corresponding sites you will be able to get here as well (which is usually much more than what you can get through the messenger interface anyhow, plus you won't be disconnecting anyone's chat session).

I know MSN gives you the option to use your existing email but in that case you simply don't have any contacts accessible through the web interface if you are using email address different than
Note: your address will work only with the hotmail script. The MSN script is only for accounts. For the AOL script you must either have aol account (paid or free trial) or aim mail (free) account. Your address book for AOL/AIM is part of the email account, if you don't have email account with them then you do not have address book (i.e. if you are only using your screen name for AIM messenger then you only have a buddy list which is quite different).
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
If you think something doesn't work, please let me know.