About me, about the address book importer scripts, some free code...

If you haven't noticed some of the info around here is a little outdated, please excuse the mess while I am working on updating my website (I do maintain all the address book/contacts importer code working)

About me

Note: This information is outdated, I am no longer a student etc. It will be updated later

I am currently a graduate student at Louisiana State University majoring in System Science. I finished my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, again at LSU. I enjoy programming (PHP/.NET) and you can check out some of the applications I have developed on this website.

About this website

Svetlozar.net was initially meant to be a personal website (and it still is, for the most part). I never really had any commercial intentions but it so happened that I badly needed money for school and I had to quickly find a way to make enough to pay for all the bills so that I could graduate... And so I did find a way - at first I worked on projects as a freelancer and then someone gave me the idea about the address book import scripts. Ever since I developed them I've been constantly working on keeping them up to date. I've spent a lot of time in initial developement and updates but it has been worth it. Many websites currently use my scripts - more than a hundred, I quit counting few months ago. This project helped me get through my last semester as undergraduate and I appreciate everyone who purchased my scripts. Without having all this support I would have not been able to make it to where I am currently. So, thanks all!

About the scripts

please, read the intro above

The scripts will stay commercial - there are many other such scripts available out there (there were only couple of others when I first started) and they are not free of charge. You might find free code (or find resellers that have no programming skills that offer similar scripts cheaper), but if you don't have a programmer who will keep these type of scripts updated they will not work for too long because web services such as hotmail, gmail, aol, yahoo etc. are constantly being updated and you have to keep up with them.

I am aware that some of my code has leaked out on the web and some people are even trying to put their name on it and claim that they have developed it themselves. You will find a piece of code that is very specific to my import scripts here. If you know curl and if you have used cookie jar to keep cookies you might find my code an interesting approach to store cookies without using any external (cookie jar) files. Enjoy!