PHP Contacts Importer - Bulk Licensing/Volume Pricing Options

Please note -- the default package does not allow you to redistribute the scripts in any form. If you need the address book importer scripts only to use on your own personal/company website, please use this link:
Import Contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN and AOL using PHP and cURL.
Otherwise, you need to read below for more information if you want to redistribute the address book scripts as part of your applications. Different pricing applies.

Make an Offer

If you are interested in redistribution of my address importing scripts with your applications, please contact me and make an offer. You need to provide a correct website information (email address preferably on the same domain), amount you are offering, information on current client base, etc.

When making your offer consider the following:
- I will provide free updates for 3 months
- Updates afterwards will cost a percentage of the initial negotiated price (all source code is given, so if you can make your own updates you won't need to pay further)
- You can use the scripts in commercial applications only (redistribution for free will not be allowed).
- Your final products should not be offered for redistribution

Why use these scripts?
Virtually every social networking website provides functionality to invite friends/add contacts from yahoo, gmail, hotmail/msn, aol.
You can add value to your application by providing the same functionality.

Make an offer or request further information